Yves Bonnard

Chairman, CEO


Yves Bonnard is a partner of Bonnard Lawson in the “private client services” department. For almost twenty years, he dedicates his time to organization and administration of wealth for international families from various origins and whom only a minority resides in Switzerland.

Over the years, he acquired a solid experience in international business and private equity transactions. He sits or he sat on the board of a number of companies active in various fields such as private clinics, medical device or new technologies.

As his law firm has an extensive activity in art, Yves Bonnard also advises collectors, galleries, artists and heirs of artists who wish to solve the legal issues related to an art collection.
Finally, Yves Bonnard has set up and advises a number of charitable institutions in Switzerland or abroad which he then serves as a board member to follow their development.

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Nader Donzel

Board member


Nader is a successful entrepreneur and a recognized expert in the field of medical devices and instruments for the life science and clinical research markets.

During his career as entrepreneur, Nader gained substantial expertise in venture financing and private equity financing, working with investors having diverse backgrounds and needs, including venture capitalists, industrial partners, and family offices. After a successful exit for his first company, Nader spent several years in the US as professional in R&D and marketing. After co-founding and leading a second venture which raised record funds, Nader is now consulting for SMEs seeking value creation, through breakthrough innovation, entry into new markets, or synergetic acquisitions & licensing.

Nader holds a Masters in Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute ofTechnology (EPFL), and an MBA from Babson College

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Yves Marguerat

Board Member, CFO


Yves Marguerat holds a Swiss federal certificate as a chartered accountant. He is approved as an audit expert with the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority.

Co-founder and CEO of a large Swiss accounting firm, FidexAudit. Since 2009 he has been the Chairman of EuraAudit International in Paris, an Association present in more than 60 countries.

During his career, he has gained vast experience in financial and fiduciary services. He has worked as auditor or as chief financial officer of Swiss and international companies, also providing support to his clients as a tax adviser, business management adviser, financial adviser, auditor and court expert. He has acquired extensive expertise in the preparation of financial statement and consolidation reports in Switzerland and abroad.

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Xiao Fang Tong Pillon

Greater China consultant


With several years of working experience in an international trading company in China, Xiaofang Pillon pursued her career with Richemont group in Switzerland for a few years. She is specialised in providing private services for high net worth clients, particularly from China.

Xiao Fang Tong Pillon received a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance in China and a postgraduate degree in management in Switzerland.

With her long-term exposure to both asian and western cultures, she assists families and companies in relocating to Switzerland and searches for investment opportunities for Swiss companies in China. In addition, She provides private services to high net worth families, mainly from China.

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Jianping Mei

Investment consultant


With a bachelor of English and law in China, Jianping studied a Master of Art in Legal Studies in French at University of Fribourg and a Master of International Law and Economics in English at University of Bern. The interdisciplinary education allows her to have a systematic training on economics, Swiss law and international commercial law.

Following six years of working experience in legal and trade sectors in China, she worked with international lawyers to advise private Chinese clients on immigration into Switzerland as well as Swiss and Chinese companies in cross-border merges and acquisitions. She also worked as legal interpreter and translator for arbitrations among Chinese and Swiss or French companies.

Benefiting from her excellent command of Chinese, English, French and German and years of working experiences in China and Switzerland, she is capaple of tailoring our investment scouting and family wealth plans for our international clients, particularly Chinese clients.

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Cedric Dupuis

Client account manager


Cédric Dupuis has more than 20 years of banking experience, mainly active in the risk control sector (asset class risk analysis, credit risk evaluation).

In addition, as compliance officer in Private banking, he was responsible for the organization and implementation of Know Your Client (KYC) concept as well as anti-money laundering policies.

Subsequently, he worked as self-employed in the trading business (financial assets, derivative products) prior to joining a Fiduciary company, in charge of providing advices and administrative support to clients.

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Stella Fu

Chief medical material supply chain



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Jonathan Lachowitz

Advisory Board


Jonathan Lachowitz is a Certified Financial Planner (CFPR) professional and investment advisor in both the USA and Switzerland. He founded White Lighthouse Investment Management in 2006 and maintains offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and outside of Boston, MA. His US company is a registered investment advisory firm, registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Jonathan works with many multi-national clients for investment management and personal financial planning. Jonathan is specialized in working with Americans overseas and non US persons investing in the US and the unique tax and financial challenges they face.

Jonathan currently writes on personal finance topics for the Wall Street Journal on their Expat blog.

Jonathan is on the board of directors of the Swiss Financial Planning Organization and American Citizens Abroad and teaches occasionally at IMD in Switzerland. Prior to starting his company, Jonathan worked for Tetra Laval International, IMD and Ingersoll-Rand. He has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

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Nancy Shen

Greater China business development



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Yannick Ritschel

Business Manager


Yannick graduated from several high-profile universities such as University of Lausanne, University of St. Gallen and National Taiwan University with a master’s degree in financial engineering.

He spent three years at Pictet Bank in Geneva as a business manager for developing markets leading several transversal change-the-bank projects while developing a great understanding of the private banking industry. Yannick is now a foundation director and entrepreneur. In addition to that, he dedicated himself to provide financial expertise and support to local start-ups through business modelling and fund raising by leveraging his extended network in the private banking industry.



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