360 Swiss Services as the backbone of our success

360 Swiss Services

Our 360 services for high net worth families include international wealth structuring, managing banking relationships, facilitating the relocation of family members to other countries, involving support for administrative tasks, housing, schools, licenses, and introductions to wealth management experts.

Additionally, we specialize in scouting investment opportunities in both private equity and startup ventures, as well as in the realms of art and real estate.

360 Swiss Services diagram with Onsa, Bonnard Lawson and Trust Campagny
  • Managing banking relationships
  • Monitoring banking asset management
  • Relocation of family members in another country
  • Personal assistance with the local administrative tasks
  • Housing – schools – driving license
  • Insurance and introduction to wealth management professionals etc.
  • Organizing art collections

Trust Company

The trust company is a Swiss-based corporation, wholly owned by two partners from the Bonnard Lawson law firm.

It serves as a trustee for high-net-worth international families, safeguarding assets worth several billion USD on behalf of a select group of families.

For discretion purposes, the name of the trust company is strictly confidential. The company is renowned for maintaining an exceptionally high standard of discretion in its operations. This commitment to privacy is reflected in its absence from the online sphere, the absence of brochures, advertisements, or any written promotional materials. Instead, the company places utmost importance on its discreet and confidential service.

Onsa Advisors - Trust Company
  • Our trust services include: holding and managing securely various forms of wealth throughout the lifetime of the settlor.
  • Holding non bankable assets such as: family businesses, bank accounts, artworks, yachts, private jets, and more
  • Following the settlor’s passing, orchestrating the seamless transfer of these assets to the next generation whether immediately or over a designated period
  • International wealth structuring
  • Relocation of family members in another country
  • Residence permit
  • Tax ruling
  • Marital and estate planning
  • Transfer of wealth and family business to the next generation
  • International tax planning
  • Advice on art and real estate transactions
  • Setting up family charities
  • Protection of family members and assets
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