Navigating Opportunities to Cultivate Growth

We proactively identify investment opportunities to cater the needs of both our international and Swiss private clients who are in search of alternative options beyond the conventional financial markets.

Our goal is to provide them with diverse and innovative investment opportunities that align with their unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Private Equity - Real Estate - Art

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Onsa Advisors capitalizes on its strategic positioning within one of the most dynamic global economies to fully exploit the potential of cutting-edge technologies.

We do not specialize in targeted fields, but we have accumulated experience in areas such as medical devices, biotechnology, renewable energies and data sciences.

Our advantageous location grants us unique access to a thriving ecosystem of innovation, enabling us to identify, invest in, and support emerging technologies and biotech ventures that have the potential to reshape industries and create lasting value.

Our commitment lies in staying at the forefront of these transformative fields and aligning our investments with the evolving landscape of technology and biotechnology.

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We specialize in identifying and maximizing promising investment opportunities in various sectors of real estate, including hospitality, private clinics (both general and specialized in aesthetic medicine), as well as residential and commercial real estate ventures.

Our approach combines thorough market analysis, industry expertise, and strategic vision to uncover opportunities with substantial growth potential. Whether it's in real estate development, healthcare facilities, or hospitality and property ventures, we are dedicated to capitalizing on diverse investment prospects.

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At Onsa Advisors, we place a premium on fostering and maintaining close-knit relationships with key stakeholders in the art world. Our extensive network includes established art galleries, renowned auction houses, collectors and families of celebrated artists. These valuable connections allow us to offer our clients a multitude of benefits and unique opportunities within the realm of art.

Our commitment to building and nurturing these relationships underscores our dedication to providing our clients with a holistic and enriching experience in the art world, making their art investments even more rewarding and fulfilling.
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