Jianping Mei

Yves Bonnard

With a bachelor of English and law in China, Jianping studied a Master of Art in Legal Studies in French at University of Fribourg and a Master of International Law and Economics in English at University of Bern. The interdisciplinary education allows her to have a systematic training on economics, Swiss law and international commercial law.

Following six years of working experience in legal and trade sectors in China, she worked with international lawyers to advise private Chinese clients on immigration into Switzerland as well as Swiss and Chinese companies in cross-border merges and acquisitions. She also worked as legal interpreter and translator for arbitrations among Chinese and Swiss or French companies. 

Benefiting from her excellent command of Chinese, English, French and German and years of working experiences in China and Switzerland, she is capaple of tailoring our investment scouting and family wealth plans for our international clients, particularly Chinese clients.