Medical protection equipment and relief items 


Onsa Advisors S.A. (ONSA) has a local Chinese team composed of people who have been working for many years with Swiss customers. They all know the Swiss quality standards and Swiss expectations.

ONSA’s local team has sourced reliable Chinese producers of medical material whose certification has been carefully reviewed.

During the manufacturing process, our local team members stay on site at the plant and they monitor the production line to insure the quality standards are met.

Thus, our Swiss customers can place orders and buy directly from a Swiss company : ONSA. In view of the emergency, no need to look for Chinese producers and to negotiate terms of sale.

Why ONSA distributes Chinese medical material?

Among other activities, over the past years, ONSA has assisted Swiss start-up companies active in MedTech/BioTech. Some of them wanted to expand in Asia and ONSA assisted them to find Chinese investors or to find Chinese distribution channels.

Thus, over the past years, ONSA has worked for several years with medical supplies’ distribution companies in China.

However, since on Monday March 16th 2020, the usual commercial route was reversed: in view of our sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19, our team in China offered to source Chinese medical supplies, of which our country might be in need. In a few days sales started.  

Anxious to bring our support to our partners in the hospital industry and to the medical professionals, hospital personnel, and affected people around the world, ONSA ADVISORS SA has been able to secure several production lines for emergency medical equipment in China.

All devices are CE marked / FDA approved and verified by our local team in order to avoid the many counterfeits currently unfortunately in circulation. Supplies are sold FOB, although ONSA ADVISORS SA can also assist in arranging shipping from China.

In awe of the bravery shown each day by healthcare workers and first responders, by delivery drivers and supermarket employees, by child-care workers and by cleaners working tirelessly, the ONSA team is eager to bring its contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and help those on the front lines in the only way we know how.

management team

Yves Bonnard

Chairman, CEO

Nader Donzel

Board member

Philippe Currat

Board member

Yves Marguerat

CFO (chief financial officer)

Stella Fu

Chief medical material
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Xiao Fang Tong Pillon

Greater China consultant

Jianping Mei

Investment consultant

Cedric Dupuis 

Client account manager

Jonathan Lachowitz

Advisory board

Nancy Shen

Greater China business development

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