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At Onsa Advisors SA, we assist start-up and scale-up companies to develop their activities in several ways :

Board of directors

Sitting on the board of direction, contributing to defining the business development strategy (out-licensing, building a distribution network, preparing for a trade sale, optimizing operations)


Promoting the company to potential investors in our network


Making connections with international distributors in Asia and around the world, and setting up the most appropriate commercial distribution structure (for example joint-ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, etc.).


Providing legal services to protect the company’s interests (such as investment agreements, shareholders conventions, in- and out- licensing contracts, or distributions agreements)

Investment scouting and private equity

We seek out investment opportunities for our international and swiss clients who are looking for alternatives to the financial markets.

We are also frequently approached by promising companies that are interested in various fields such as :

Private equity

New tech / biotechnologies in targeted fields: medical devices, biotechnologies and renewable energies; here Onsa takes full advantages of its strategic location in one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

Real estate

Residential and commercial.

Clinics and Hotels

Private clinics (both general and specialized in aesthetic medicine) and Hotel industry.


Onsa Advisors SA maintains close relationships with art galleries, auction houses and families of artists, from which Onsas clients fully benefit.

Family office


is a unique platform being able to answer all concerns of its international sophisticated private clients.

Switzerland’s private banking industry is the the oldest and most recognized in the world. About one third of the private wealth of the world is managed in Switzerland, a country known for its political stability, the strength of its economy, its currency, and its ability to invest in finance products from all over the world with fine expertise from swiss bankers.

Legal services

– For “international” high net worth families.
– “International” means members of the family and/or assets       located in various countries.
– Multiple services.

Trust services

– Granit is a Swiss corporation fully owned by two partners of the law firm Bonnard Lawson.
– Granit is acting as trustee for international families.
– Granit has a very high standard of discretion.
– A trust is designed to hold wealth during the lifetime of the settlor and to transfer it immediately at death or over time to the next generation.

Family office services

– Managing banking relationships
– Relocation of family members in another country
– Investment scouting in private equity and startup companies.
– Investment scouting in art and real estate.

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