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Start-up/scale-up companies and business development

We assist start-up and scale-up companies develop their activities in several ways :

  • Sitting on the board of directors, contributing to defining the business development strategy (out-licensing, building a distribution network, preparing for a trade sale, optimizing operations)
  • Promoting the company to potential investors in our network (see Investment scouting)
  • Making connections with international distributors in Asia and around the world, and setting up the most appropriate commercial distribution structure (for example joint-ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, etc.)
  • Providing legal services to protect the companys interest (such as investment agreements, shareholders conventions, in- and out- licensing contracts, or distributions agreements)

Investment scouting and private equity

At Onsa Advisors SA, we seek out investment opportunities for our clients as well as for clients in the Swiss financial sector looking for alternatives to the financial markets.

We are also frequently approached by promising companies looking active in such varied fields as :

Private equity

New tech / biotechnologies in targeted fields: medical device, biotechnologies and renewable energies; here Onsa takes full advantages of its strategic location in one of the most dynamic economies in the world in these fields.

Real estate

Residential and commercial.

Clinics and Hotels

Private clinics, both general and specialized in aesthetic medicine, Hotel industry.


Onsa Advisors SA maintains close relationships with art galleries, auction houses and the families of artists, from which Onsas clients fully benefit.

Family wealth planning

Wealth Management

Onsa Advisors SA is not a financial advisor. Rather, we focus on your wishes and expectations whilst proposing a global strategy for the organisation of your wealth.

After an in-depth study of our clients particular situation, Onsa Advisors SA assists in evaluating and selecting banks or independent investment managers for them.

Follow-up is ensured by ongoing monitoring of the selected financial intermediaries. If required, Onsa Advisors SA provides consolidated reports to those of our clients who work with several banks.

Relocation – change of country of residence

The Onsa team has a long-standing experience in assisting individuals or families who wish to relocate to Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East or the United States.

We provide assistance with :

  • obtaining a visa and/or residence permit ;
  • negotiating with the local tax authorities whenever necessary ;
  • selecting housing, insurances, etc.


In cases where the younger generation plans to study abroad, Onsa offers guidance and assistance with obtaining a student visa, as well as selection of and enrollment in a boarding school which best meets the students and their familys expectations, both in Switzerland and abroad.

In this context, Switzerland has a long tradition of excellence in the field of education. Some of the most reputable boarding schools in the world are located in Switzerland. It also boasts many higher education establishments of world renown, amongst them engineering schools, business and management schools as well as hotel management schools.

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