With the discovery of COVID-19 in 2019, Onsa Advisors opens a
branch to help our customers to get medical supplies.

Medical  equipment


In recent years, ONSA has helped Swiss start-ups active in the field of MedTech/BioTech. Some of them wanted to develop in Asia. We therefore have a team based in China and have been working with Swiss clients for many years.

However, since the discovery of COVID-19, the usual trade route has been reversed: given our health emergency, our team in China offered to source Chinese medical supplies, which our country might need. The certification was carefully reviewed and the manufacturing process monitored by our team members to ensure compliance with the standards.

Within a few days, sales began and we are now offering this new product to our customers.


Limited to hospitals and medical professionals and to other companies for the
protection of their own employees

Our recommandation on Mask

We advise providing for two- or three-months’ worth of stock. Of course, we do not know how prices may fluctuate, and if the current prices are higher or lower than what they will be in three months.

IRR TYPE surgical masks

FFP2 Masks

Sales prices

Having first met the urgent needs of several hospitals in the region, we now want to make those wholesale prices available to other companies as well, in the hope that it may help you provide your employees with safe working conditions in these challenging times.

Unfortunately, we are unable to go below a minimum threshold of orders per client, for which we apologise.

In case the number of masks you think you will need is below this threshold, we encourage you to team up with other companies for a group purchase.
Finally, our suppliers in China require advance payment before starting production. We are therefore compelled to pass on this obligation to our clients.


We propose two delivery option to our client


Prices apply to products delivery at the port or airport in China. Clients would have to organize the shipping by themselves at their own cost (FCA Incoterms 2020 pricing)


The products are delivered at the Swiss address chosen by our customers. Onsa bears all costs, including shipping, insurance and custom duties. (DDP Incoterms 2020 pricing)


Anxious to bring our support to our partners in the hospital industry and to the medical professionals, hospital personnel, and affected people around the world, ONSA ADVISORS SA has been able to secure several production lines for emergency medical equipment in China.

All our products are approved and verified ba our local team to avoid the many counterfeits currently unfortunately in circulation.

In awe of the bravery shown each day by healthcare workers and first responders, by delivery drivers and supermarket employees, by child-care workers and by cleaners working tirelessly, the ONSA team is eager to bring its contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and help those on the front lines in the only way we know how.

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